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Si-Ware, AB Vista partnership to offer NIR solutions to the animal feed industry

The partnership will offer NeoSpectra scanners and cloud services along with AB Vista INGOT calibrations using the NeoSpectra LabStore.


October 6, 2022

NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, the creator of NeoSpectra material analysis solutions FT-NIR spectrometers, partnered with AB Vista to offer their customers a complete portable NIR solution based on the NeoSpectra platform. The complete solution will include industry-leading NeoSpectra Scanners, world-class mobile apps, secure cloud portal for data reporting and evaluation, and AB Vista INGOT calibrations for feed ingredients, compound feeds and forages.

The NeoSpectra platform has created the first and largest LabStore in the market, offering thousands of calibration models to users from trusted partners around the globe, such as labs, researchers, and universities. In April 2022, Aunir, the NIR calibration division of AB Vista and the world’s largest independent calibration provider, partnered with NeoSpectra to offer INGOT calibrations as one of the trusted partners on the NeoSpectra LabStore.

“The NeoSpectra platform and AB Vista INGOT calibrations will provide AB Vista customers with the ultimate flexibility to measure their materials where they are and to get a real-time understanding of their feeding system,” said Michael Leviton, AB Vista NIR Services technical and commercial manager. “The ability to get accurate results in the field or feed mill, regardless of a cloud (Wi-Fi) connection, will provide comprehensive data and insight needed to optimize the feeds and supplements which will ultimately provide better performance and healthier livestock.”

The AB Vista INGOT calibrations through the NeoSpectra platform will soon be available to AB Vista customers in the USA and Canada direct from their local AB Vista technical service representative.

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