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Symrise Aqua Feed strengthens sales team in APAC

The company recruited Puttitorn Saengrungruang in Thailand and Denny Sapto in Indonesia to help develop the business unit for all aquaculture species.

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February 9, 2023

Symrise Aqua Feed widens its sales team in APAC by recruiting two experts, Puttitorn Saengrungruang in Thailand and Denny Sapto in Indonesia. They will help the development of the business unit on strategic markets for all aquaculture species.

The past two years have presented considerable challenges to the aquaculture industry. In this environment, the Aqua Feed business unit, within the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment, managed to keep steady growth in APAC thanks to its adapted strategy and innovation.

“One can hardly predict the developments within the very specific industry of aquaculture. At the same time, this makes it so exciting. We consider it crucial to work with a manager for each strategic market. This allows us to quickly address our customers’ demands while ensuring the sustainable vision we pursue,” said Paul Seguin, APAC director.

The team already has experienced experts in sales and business management supporting the region: Thi Minh Tam in Vietnam/APAC, Jilun Su in China and now, Puttitorn Saengrungruang in Thailand and Denny Sapto in Indonesia. The business unit mainly manufactures its products in Thailand, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. In 2020, Symrise Aqua Feed opened “Aqualis” in Thailand, a highly advanced Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) testing facility that supports the performance demonstration of the products in shrimp, tilapia and Asian seabass. It allows the team to deeper and fmore quickly understand the products’ modes of action in terms of palatability and nutrition.

Prior to joining Symrise, Puttitorn gathered 20 years of experience at the Suan Dusit University as a professor in Environmental Science and Technology specializing in waste management, aquaculture, water quality and pollution control. The PhD of Puttitorn focused on water quality in an aquaculture pond at Auburn University by researching feeding techniques and water quality controls in hybrid channel catfish.

“I had been teaching for about 20 years, so it was time for me to look for a new challenge in my career. I feel happy to join Symrise, a company that is always growing and cares about the environment. I will be responsible for the market in Thailand. I will support existing and prospective clients with services and support beyond their expectations, gain their trust through trial support and promote our Aqualis testing center. I will show our customers how we preserve our valuable resources with our sustainable aquaculture approach and with strong confidence in product quality and safety criteria,” explained Puttitorn, sales manager in Thailand.

Prior to joining Symrise, Denny Sapto worked as a consultant at PT Bima Palma for two years. From 2016 to 2022, he worked with Royal Horse, ADM as business development manager where he successfully developed the brand and sales.

“Joining Symrise Aqua Feed offers me a great opportunity. I find it very interesting and challenging to move out of my comfort zone and switch from equine to the aqua industry. The aquafeed industry in Indonesia is growing every year, especially in freshwater fish and shrimp markets. With the support of the APAC team and the great results of our Aqualis performance measurement center, we will maintain the high standards of our products' quality and palatability,” added Denny Sapto, business development manager in Indonesia.

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