DSM opens seventh premix plant in China

With an expected annual production of 120,000 metric tons, the new plant aims to meet increasing local demand for high-quality premix solutions and expands DSM’s footprint in China.

DSM opens seventh premix plant in China
November 23, 2020

Royal DSM opened a new Animal Nutrition & Health premix plant in Baishazhou Industrial Park, Hengyang City, China. The site is DSM’s second premix plant in Hunan Province and the seventh of its kind in China, underlining DSM’s deep commitment to the country.

The new plant aims to meet increasing local demand for high-quality premix solutions and significantly expands DSM’s footprint in China. Featuring a range of cutting-edge smart technologies, the new Hengyang site will be one of the world’s leading premix plants, with an expected annual production of 120,000 metric tons.

Furthermore, DSM’s newest facility brings together the company’s advanced processes and innovative solutions to promote sustainable animal protein production in the Chinese market. This is aligned with the new We Make it Possible strategic initiative recently launched by DSM Animal Nutrition & Health to help meet growing global demand for animal protein while reducing the environmental footprint of animal farming. Its mission is to lead a robust and achievable worldwide transformation of the animal protein industry, enhancing sustainability and accelerating solutions that will foster a brighter future for everyone.

Joe Zhou, DSM China president, said that “as a purpose-led global science company, DSM has been committed to growing with China since entering the market in 1963. Our customer-centric ethos and “local for local” approach have played a key role in DSM’s success in China. The opening of our new Hengyang site is a vote of confidence for DSM’s long-term vision for the country.”

Justin Wang, vice president of DSM Animal Nutrition and Health Greater China, remarked that “the opening of our second premix site in Hengyang is built on DSM’s cooperation with many local partners. This world-class facility will help DSM better satisfy the evolving demands of the Chinese market and provide local customers with high-quality products. It will also boost DSM’s offering of innovative solutions to promote the development of sustainable animal husbandry.”

Cultivating industry talent

The opening of this new plant also marks the official launch of DSM Vitamins Academy. The academy will serve as a new platform to educate the market and share the latest scientific research and practices with players across the animal feed and husbandry value chain. This collaborative initiative will promote industry understanding of the crucial role that vitamins play in animal proteins, helping to ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

DSM Vitamins Academy’s curriculum is expected to cover key areas from market trends and value systems to product performance and monitoring systems. DSM will bring in in-house experts and scientists, as well as customers and scientific institutions, for knowledge sharing as part of the curriculum design.