Aller Aqua signs contract with world-leading halibut farmer

The company will supply high-quality feeds to Sterling White Halibut to satisfy their customers with top-quality halibut. 

Aller Aqua signs contract with world-leading halibut farmer
Left: Sturle Skeidsvoll, Country Manager Norway. Right: Magne Torgersen, CEO of Sterling White Halibut.
August 20, 2021

Norwegian halibut farmer, Sterling White Halibut (SWH), signed a six-year feed contract with Aller Aqua, based on the positive results and beneficial dialogue and cooperation between the two companies, which has taken place since 2017. 

SWH is the world’s largest producer of farmed halibut producing 1,700 tons of halibut per year. Halibut are grown in Ryfylke, Norway, and SWH handles the entire lifecycle, from broodstock to grow-out. SWH delivers its fish to top restaurants, caterers and retailers in several countries as a high-quality gourmet product. 

Halibut grows slowly and it takes four years to reach an ideal size. Halibut farming requires expert knowledge and a specialized feed that can support the long-term growth and health of fish. SWH and Aller Aqua have developed a close-knit relationship during the past few years through positive cooperation for the best feed for growth. This feed recipe is created with an ideal blend of high-quality raw materials to meet the nutritional requirements of halibut. SWH naturally demands a lot from the feed in terms of performance and growth, to be able to continuously satisfy their customers with top-quality fish. 

Magne Torgersen, CEO of SWH, said that “Aller Aqua has shown us that they mean it when they say they want to grow together. Their feed quality, but also their input and availability has been key in our decision, and we, therefore, have no queries signing a long-term contract. Together we find solutions and our fish have never been better.”