UK consumers are attracted by flavor and taste of salmon fed Arbiom’s protein

Sixty-eight percent of UK consumers are willing to buy salmon fed with SylPro® and find it as tasty as salmon fed with a standard diet.

August 31, 2023

Arbiom, a partner of the European NextGenProteins consortium, unveiled positive consumer feedback on foods developed with SylPro®, its yeast-based protein ingredient.

Within the project, Arbiom, Mowi, Aquascot and Waitrose joined forces to develop a SylPro-based salmon value chain from the raw material supply (SylPro from Arbiom) feed formulation and production (Mowi), salmon farming and processing (Aquascot), and consumer testing (Waitrose). Atlantic salmon were farmed in Scotland at Aquascot with various diets including some with SylPro inclusion.

Once processed, 80 UK Waitrose customers were invited to test the sensory qualities of the salmon filets fed with the different diets. Two-thirds of the panel indicated they will likely buy salmon filets fed with the SylPro-based diet. Results showed that the inclusion of SylPro in aquafeeds for Atlantic salmon enhances the strength of filet flavors. It illustrates that the sensory properties of SylPro translate as well in processed fish products.

In addition, the inclusion of SylPro in aquafeeds does not significantly change the appearance, odor, or aftertaste on both raw and cooked salmon. Moreover, consumers prefer the mouthfeel of salmons fed with SylPro compared to standard salmon. Fewer respondents are disinclined to purchase a salmon-fed SylPro diet than standard salmon. It is then possible to appeal to more consumers to buy salmon filets when they are fed a SylPro-based diet.