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BioMar Chile awards best coho farmer

Marine Farm's Capeahuapi Center was awarded for its best FCR in the Coho category in BioMar's Farmers of the Year 2023.

Premiación FoY Coho 2023 001
Award ceremony
May 23, 2024

BioMar Chile awarded Marine Farm's Capeahuapi Center as the Farmer of the Year 2023 in the Coho category after achieving the best FCR.

The award is notable considering the challenging conditions the center experienced. “Despite adverse environmental conditions, such as harmful algal blooms and low oxygen levels, teamwork, the experience of the members, the application of best practices and the use of BioMar diets and functional strategies allowed us to obtain excellent productive results and a high-quality final product,” said Claudio Delgado, head of the center.

Michael Adler, technical director of BioMar Chile, highlighted the optimal use of diets and functional strategies that the center made throughout the production cycle, with products such as Assist Skin and Assist Jaundice. Assist Skin is specially designed to ensure good skin health, promoting animal well-being, reducing the risk of infection and disease, along with achieving excellent skin quality, a very important attribute in the case of cohos. Assist Jaundice is specifically formulated to prevent and reduce the impact of heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) in coho: it strengthens the fish's immune system, modulates inflammation, and controls oxidative stress while protecting and recovering the fish's cardiovascular and liver function.

“Thanks to these nutritional strategies and the great work carried out, the Capeahuapi team managed to prevent and control health challenges, which in turn guaranteed excellent productive results and a high-quality final product,” Adler said.

Marine Farm's Capeahuapi center stands out for its productive excellence and for being at the forefront in the production of coho salmon. Thus, the Farming Center team obtained the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification in November 2023, validating its high-quality standards and its concern for the environment, animal welfare and local communities.