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Nicovita opens distribution center in Honduras

With an investment of around USD 1 million, the distribution center in Santa Cruz increased its capacity by more than 5,000 tons.

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Santa Cruz distribution center has strengthened its infrastructure to guarantee the proper functioning of the logistics chain. Credits: Nicovita
January 16, 2024

With an investment close to USD 1 million, Nicovita built a distribution center in Santa Cruz, Honduras, to increase its capacity by more than 5,000 tons. The facility aims to enhance the customer service experience, as it optimizes productivity and delivery times.

The expansion of the distribution center features real-time shipment tracking, improved inventory review technology and increased storage capacity.

The distribution center houses the management of Choluteca and centralizes delivery logistics in Honduras, which translates into an improved on-time delivery and service level; guarantees comprehensive fulfillment of customer orders, enhancing inventory accuracy; promotes safety in product handling, which ensures quality by reducing contact points during the transportation chain; and increases warehouse productivity.

“Our clients already feel the improvement of our logistics infrastructure. During these weeks of operation, we have received good feedback regarding the technological improvements we have implemented,” said Javier Batres, supply chain manager of Vitapro Honduras.

The infrastructure in Santa Cruz has allowed a 60% increase in its operational capacity, which, together with the operational work of the entire plant, has generated around 200 jobs.

Nicovita opened a shrimp feed mill in Honduras in 2017 to promote the sustainable development of aquaculture in Central America. Since its opening, Vitapro invested around USD 15 million in Honduras.