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AFIA Developing Biosecurity Practices for Feed & Ingredient Manufacturing

The American Feed Industry Association biosecurity guidelines, provides information on how viruses can potentially spread throughout the feed manufacturing process and recommendations on how feed and ingredient manufacturers can develop and implement biosecurity plans at their facilities to better safeguard their feed and feed ingredients.

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AFIA Feed Manufacturing Technology book

AFIA updated the entire regulatory section in 2020 and has a rigorous schedule to update other sections with the goal of updating them all by 2023.

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AMINODat Aqua nutrients amino acid content table

Evonik's AMINODat Aqua nutrients amino acid content table for cereals and ceral by products, plant protein and animal by-products from the link below (PDF).

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Aquaculture Nutrient Requirements

Understanding vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in fish feed diets based on plant derived ingredients

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Aquaculture Pharmacology book

With the burgeoning international aquaculture expansion, this new book provides an understanding of practical drug information for the aquaculture industry.

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Development of a Supplemental Fish Feed and Fertilizer from Fish Processing Waste for Island Farmers and Small Businesses for Sustainable Aquaculture and Agriculture - Training Manual

An training manual that demonstrates how a simple, semi-moist, stable fish feed and liquid fish fertilizer can be made by small farmers, using simple, off-the-shelf, inexpensive and easily obtained equipment, suitable for island communities.

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FAO / IFIF Feed Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Industry

This Manual was first published in 2010 and has been a valuable tool to increase knowledge and improve feed safety at the production level, and it is widely recognized and used in many countries around the world. This second publication, the ‘Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Sector: Implementing the Codex Alimentarius Code of Practice on Good Animal Feeding’ is a fully revised, updated and expanded version of that Manual and addresses recent developments in feed production and benefits from the latest scientific and technical knowledge.

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Feed and feeding practices in aquaculture

The book is a resource for understanding the key properties of feeds for aquaculture, advances in feed formulation and manufacturing techniques, and the practicalities of feeding systems and strategies. 

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Feed Ingredients in Aquaculture ARRAINA technical booklet

Feed Ingredients in Aquaculture, published by the EU-funded ARRAINA (Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture) project has been designed to allow feed producers to understand at a glance the different properties of specific feed ingredients for aquaculture. It provides a database of aquaculture feed ingredients covering their nutrient composition, functional properties and effects on feed processing conditions and the physical quality of extruded pellets.

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FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines 2021

Upgraded Soy Sourcing Guidelines include a new benchmarking module for programs offering “conversion-free soy.”

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Fish Nutrition book updated

The new edition of Fish Nutrition provides readers with new information on the use of high-throughput technologies, the role of feeds on the microbiome and advances in essential nutrient requirements.

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Food & Feed Extrusion book

The new second edition contains an additional chapter on “Optimizing Screw Design”, as well as other additions and improvements.

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Food and feed drying technology: A practical approach

The book provides practical information on different drying technologies used across the range of food and feed products, including design procedures with examples from the authors’ industrial experience.

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Homogeneity Testing of Feed Ingredients

The document was finalized after a public consultation and takes into account stakeholders’ comments.

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ICCF guidance document on genotoxicity testing

This document guides applicants with the necessary information to conduct safety evaluations of feed ingredients.

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ICCF Manufacturing Process and Specification

The draft guidance document provides guidance to applicants for providing the relevant information necessary for the safety evaluation of feed ingredients.

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LEAP guidelines on feed additives

The document provides a harmonized approach to the assessment of the environmental performance of feed additives considering the impact of their production and use all along the supply chain.

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Manual on quality low-cost fish feed formulation and production

The WorldFish manual aims to assist in facilitating and delivering improved technologies to formulating a balanced diet for aquaculture that promotes optimal fish growth and health. 

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NGFA manual on firefighting on grain handling facilities

The US National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) released a new guide that has significant applications for feed mills that store and handle bulk agricultural commodities.

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Practical guide for setting up feed and feed additives trials in fish and shrimp

The 90-page manual defines the different critical factors in setting up scientifically-based trials to validate the benefits of new feed or feed additives both in fish and shrimp. 

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