Trends in aquaculture hatcheries: Feeds for hatcheries - 1st session

Hatchery Feed & Management is organizing the webinar series "Trends in aquaculture hatcheries" focused on different topics of importance for hatcheries. This is the first session of a two-day webinar on "Feeds for hatcheries" with 3:23 Joana Amaral, Product Manager Marine Fish Hatcheries at BioMar's Global Hatchery Unit, 21:31 Steven Debono, Product Portfolio Manager Fish Nutrition at INVE Aquaculture (Benchmark Advanced Nutrition), 32:18 Tim Reed, Founder & CEO at Reed Mariculture and 48:21 Marc Turano, Nutrition and Technology Lead at Cargill Aqua Nutrition discussing how to improve larval performance through feeds and management in both fish and shrimp.

Sponsored by Biomar, Cargill, CFEED, INVE Aquaculture, Reed Mariculture and Wilfort Aquaculture.

Moderator: Daniel Benetti, Professor and Director of Aquaculture, University of Miami.