World Hatchery Forum: Shrimp Feeds & Genetics I

Hatchery Feed & Management hosted the World Hatchery Forum, a webinar series focused on practical solutions for aquaculture hatchery managers. Through four webinars (II, III and IV), the series discussed fish and shrimp feeds and genetics as well as recent equipment and technology innovations. In this first webinar, 1:14 Eamonn O'Brien, Product Manager at Skretting, 17:56 Luis Paulo Lage, Technical Aquaculture R&D Manager at Molofeed, 33:03 Oscar Hennig, Operations Director for Benchmark Genetics, and 43:44 Assaf Schechter, co-founder and CEO of Enzootic, discussed innovative shrimp feeds, management and genetics.

Sponsored by Benchmark Genetics, Molofeed and Skretting.