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iCell on track for its first integrated aquaculture project in the U.S.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

iCell Sustainable Nutrition selected Woodruff and Howe Engineering as its engineering firm in the U.S. to design and develop projects using iCell’s patented Single Cell Protein Production process. iCell has been working with various sites in the U.S. which need a solution for their food process water treatment issues and is also working with investors for funding projects to solve these water issues and integrate seafood aquaculture at the same sites.  

Woodruff & Howe has more than 20 years of environmental engineering and design experience, with the deep domain knowledge needed for working in food waste-water treatment projects. “When we learned of the iCell solution, we considered it a potential new tool for the food processing industry. It takes water and nutrient recycling to a new level,” said Steven Woodruff, CEO of WHEE. “Together we have already identified various sites where this new solution could benefit our food processing customer base, and will benefit the environment as well. This technology also has the potential to enhance food processors’ goals for environmental sustainability, water recycling and nutrient recovery and beneficial reuse. We have built a mobile pilot system and have successfully run the iCell process on food processing waste-water streams.”

According to the agreement, WHEE will manage the site evaluation and engineering design for iCell systems across the U.S. These systems will integrate with aquaculture systems such that unique water recycles, protein production and aquaculture facility will exist on the same site.  

Mark Rottmann, CEO of iCell, said that “WHEE is the perfect selection for this work – they have the skill sets of the largest firms, but none of the bureaucracy – this will accelerate our speed to completion as they have a laser-like customer focus and understand the value of the iCell solution in the market place.” iCell expects to have its first integrated aquaculture project announced in the coming new year.


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