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New salmon feed: EWOS CLEAR for RAS

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

EWOS CLEAR for RAS is a new salmon feed that takes into account many different factors behind optimum RAS operations.  It is the result of extensive research at the Cargill Innovation Center (CIC) Norway, and commercial trials at one of the largest RAS facilities in Norway.

  • FISH
    Higher faecal stability
    Optimum fish performance
    Optimum feed conversion
  • FEED
    Optimized digestible protein & energy
    Excellent technical feed quality
    Highly digestible raw materials
    Optimum mineral bio-availability
  • RAS
    Easier particle removal
    Lower total nitrogen
    Lower water use
    Lower O2 demand and  CO2 excretion

Careful control and attention to detail are critically important for RAS. The feed, fish and RAS components all interact with each other to drive the use of water, which can be considered the main currency in RAS systems. 

The best results depend on achieving the right balance between each of these components. EWOS CLEAR is a holistic RAS feed developed specifically to deliver optimum RAS operational results, through targeted feed design and optimal fish performance. 

Rearing salmonids in RAS facilities is a high technology business. Today our customers are making large investments in this technology as the first choice for new freshwater operations.  However, this technology poses a number of challenges. From listening to our customers, we know that the main challenges are suspended solids removal and disposal, faecal stability, and total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) build up in the water.

A specialized feed is needed to meet the requirements of RAS operations. It is important to link the feed being delivered to both the RAS operational parameters and to performance of the fish. To develop  EWOS CLEAR, scientists at Cargill Innovation Center adopted an innovative approach. The EWOS CLEAR product is based on a model that combines RAS engineering, nutrient mass balance and bioenergetics and thus takes a holistic approach.

During design of the feed, the focus was threefold: macronutrient balance (digestible protein & digestible energy); digestibility of the raw materials; and physical quality of the feed. Initial development started with trials measuring a wide range of relevant parameters. These trials not only went beyond standard analyses, such as fish growth and feed conversion, but also considered feed digestibility, faecal stability and fish health (histological appearance of gastro intestinal tracts).

Field trials were subsequently held at one of the largest commercial RAS facilities in Norway. These trials confirmed that EWOS CLEAR is a high performance freshwater feed, finely tuned to ensure optimum nutritional value (macronutrient balance and raw material formulation) and physical feed quality. It meets the needs of the fish and also the requirements of the RAS operations.  EWOS CLEAR allows for better utilisation of the RAS meaning that more fish can be produced within the same facilities.

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