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2nd International Aquaculture Biosecurity Conference - August 14-16, 2011 - Trondheim, Norway

2nd International Aquaculture Biosecurity Conference, 1st International Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop Advances in Practical Approaches for the Disease Prevention, Control and Eradication
July 28, 2011

Held in conjunction with Aqua Nor 2011, the 2nd IABC Conference, August 14-15, is a two day program of internationally-recognized keynote speakers and contributed posters on the following topics.

1.Components of Ideal Biosecurity Plans and Programs
2.Determining and Mitigating Critical Control Points and Risks of Disease Introduction
3.Surveillance, Monitoring and Determining Disease Status/Freedom
4.Diagnostic Testing, Veterinary and Farm Record Keeping
5.National and International Biosecurity Strategies
6.Contingency Plans for the Control and Eradication of Disease
7.Immunoprophylaxis in Biosecurity Plans and Programs
8.Use of biosecurity manual for aqauculture (practical benchtop exercise)
9.Biosecurity check list

The goal of the conference is to provide science-based expert opinion and tools for implementing practical, economic and effective biosecurity plans and programs. Call for abstract submission is open for oral and poster presentations.

1st IABC Workshop, August 16
The 2nd IABC conference is followed by the first IABC Workshop, allowing on-site review of the biosecurity practices in an example salmon smolt production farm. The workshop includes visit to the fish farm near Trondheim, followed by discussion forum based on table top exercises and Biosecurity manual presented at the 2nd IABC conference. The number of participants is limited and requires participation in the conference. Details.