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A-Systems, Progressus partner in advanced training on aqua nutrition

The four-day Aqua Nutrition course will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 16-19, 2024.

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May 6, 2024

A-Systems partnered with Progressus In-Person AgriSchools in a training course dedicated to aqua nutrition. The comprehensive advanced-level Aqua Nutrition short course offered by Progressus covers all the fundamentals of warm water fish and shrimp nutrition, the range of feed ingredients to be considered and why, as well as useful insights for application to major Asian species.

Dr. Daranee Seguin, an expert in aqua nutrition and facilitator in this course, will share her expert opinion on the growing challenges regarding the sustainable use of natural resources, especially around the ingredients for feed formulations and how those are utilized, and the feeding strategies adopted and their impact on the environment. Daranee will use the formulation software Allix to contact various formulation workshops and demonstrations.

One of these demonstrations will be Allix multi-criteria module. This module can be used to evaluate diets on predefined environmental criteria while still optimizing performance. This innovative module of Allix is a must-have tool for aquaculture specialists to optimize their feed while minimizing the environmental impact.

Course participants will discover and test formulation on the WebAllix platform. This platform, developed by A-Systems, is a user-friendly, interactive tool allowing formulation online using ingredients specifically selected to the needs of the various aqua species.

The four-day Aqua Nutrition course will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 16-19, 2024 and will focus on:

  • Aquaculture and aquaculture feeds – future trends
  • Understanding nutrient requirements
  • Manufacturing, nutrition, and ingredients
  • Formulating for extrusion and drying
  • Fundamentals of experimental design for feeds
  • Stress and the stress response, including nutritional mediation
  • Feeding strategies

Registration closes on June 14. For more information and to register, visit