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Global Shrimp Forum 2024 program unveiled

The event will cover some of the most topical and trending issues that the shrimp industry currently faces.

Credits: Pierre Banoori for Global Shrimp Forum
May 1, 2024

Preparations are well underway for the third Global Shrimp Forum, which will gather industry leaders, business owners and decision-makers all under one roof to collaborate, network, and help shape the future of the shrimp industry. Tickets are available via the Global Shrimp Forum website, with "Mid-bird" registration running until June 1.

The first phase of the program is now available to view on the Global Shrimp Forum website and has been designed with previous attendees' and sponsor feedback in mind. The event will cover some of the most topical and trending issues that the shrimp industry currently faces, addressing themes such as the promotion of shrimp consumption; the future of insect proteins in shrimp feed; countervailing and anti-dumping lawsuits in the US; and the labor rights and accusations within the Indian shrimp industry.

The forum’s opening plenary session is set to feature a fantastic lineup. Carlos Díaz, CEO of BioMar, will open the session by presenting his views on how shrimp fits into the Blue Foods agenda, and what shrimp can learn from salmon to become a sustainable protein of the future. He will also be joined by My Thanh, chairman of Rynan Aquaculture, an innovative shrimp farming company from Vietnam, to discuss his vision for Asian shrimp farms of the future. To close the plenary session, renowned speaker and anthropologist, Jitske Kramer, will share her thoughts on the role of leadership and the value of partnerships.

The forum will also see returning topics such as Export and Import Statistics, Technology, Retail and also Climate.

Esther Luiten, commercial director of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and board member of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation, said that “after a successful session about Climate at last year´s Global Shrimp Forum, the topic will return to the 2024 program. While shrimp and seafood, in general, are often seen as relatively climate-friendly protein options, we are seeing an increasing focus across the shrimp supply chain on greenhouse gas emissions. I greatly look forward to this session, where we will showcase market-driven initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, in a way that also brings benefits to producers.”

To learn more about what to expect at this year’s event and gain deeper insight into the program, you can also watch interviews with GSF co-founder and board member, Willem van de Pijl, and sustainability executive and advisor of Blue Biome Advising, Roxanne Nanninga via the Global Shrimp Forum LinkedIn.

To learn more information about the Global Shrimp Forum, to view the first phase of the program and to register for this year’s event, visit the Global Shrimp Forum website.