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SustainAqua courses for FRESHWATER aquaculture farmers

The SustainAqua project is organising twenty-two training sessions for aquaculture farmers and technicians. These sessions are spread over eight countries and will take place between May and July 2009. In addition, two e-learning seminars will be offered at the end of June and early July to beginners in the sector
April 22, 2009

SustainAqua courses for FRESHWATER aquaculture farmers

As part of the SustainAqua project eight national European freshwater aquaculture associations will provide professional training courses for aquaculture farmers in the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Spain, and Turkey.

In addition, a comprehensive e-learning course will complete the training and information activities. The courses aim to help farmers sustainably restructure their farms to ensure long-term economic success; to produce more efficiently; to promote environmentally friendly and healthy products; and to improve their image. The courses will be conducted by experts in the fields of sustainable freshwater aquaculture.

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