Accelerating new aquaculture startups

Several aquaculture startups have been selected in different programs that will benefit from top industry connections, specifically tailored programs and key resources to accelerate their growth and impact.

Accelerating new aquaculture startups
June 24, 2021

Several aquaculture startups have been selected in different programs that will benefit from top industry connections, specifically tailored programs and key resources to accelerate their growth and impact.

Global Aquaculture Challenge

Created by The Yield Lab Institute and The Yield Lab Asia Pacific, The Global Aquaculture Challenge invites innovators from across the globe and all aspects of the supply chain to share their ideas, whether it be lab, technology or policy-based, to ultimately improve the circular aquaculture approach. It is designed to increase collaboration among established industry, experts and the selected innovators.

The Global Aquaculture Challenge 2021 Cohort includes:

FeedVax is developing an innovative oral vaccine platform that simplifies production, eliminates fish stress and enhances sustainability.

Genufeed is developing a cost-effective insect-based fish feed production process that generates 100% fishmeal and fish oil-free aquafeed. This sustainable insect enrichment process utilizes locally produced insect larvae to be fed whole or chopped to the fish, reducing processing and costs while enhancing the local economy.

Xylome is developing a platform that allows the production of a sustainable and price-competitive salmon feed from byproducts of ethanol plants using a special fermentation of metabolic engineered and heat-treated non-conventional yeast.

Jala is developing an innovative integration of their shrimp data platforms to include farm management predictive analytics and actionable insights, field assistance, credit, insurance, and a trading platform all allowing improved farm economics and end-to-end traceability for producer communities and buyers.

Salmokine is developing an innovative platform based on the production of proteins from the fish immune system. These recombinant proteins are capable of modulating immunity and prompting the expression of antimicrobial peptides, providing protection against several pathogens without causing an exacerbated inflammatory reaction. This technology can be applied to complement vaccines or as feed supplements, reducing the use of antibiotics.

Seawater Solutions is developing an innovative integration of aquaculture and wetland agriculture to create a circular economy farming system producing a wide range of products from shrimp and finfish to salt-tolerant vegetables, sustainable fish feed, carbon credits, oils and minerals, and agro-forestry products.

TeOra has developed proprietary technology platforms for natural, sustainable solutions to prevent disease and promote growth in shrimp. The technology platform can rapidly design low-cost growth enhancement and oral disease prevention solutions for aquaculture, by producing specific proprietary small proteins using precision fermentation of yeast.

Wittaya Aqua is developing innovative software platforms based on advanced modeling that will enable seamless collaboration throughout the global aquaculture supply chain.

Oceans and Seafood Fund

S2G announced its first investments from its Oceans and Seafood Fund.

ViAqua Therapeutics is a biotechnology producer of an orally administered particle-based platform for the delivery of RNA and protein to improve resistance against diseases.

ReelData develops software solutions to increase the profitability, sustainability, and scalability of land-based aquaculture by using sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and user-friendly interfaces to provide producers with predictive analytics, systems optimization and automation.

Moleaer develops industrial-scale nanobubble production technology that delivers improvements in chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production, and the recovery of natural resources.

Fishmeal and Oil Technology Company holds proprietary zero-waste fishmeal and oil production technology which converts low-value resources into high-end products in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Ocean Surveillance Company develops technology to track dark vessels which will provide invaluable data to combat illegal maritime activities, and improve the efficiency and safety of shipping and travel across the globe.

EIT Food Accelerator Network

EIT Food selected 60 high-impact agrifood startups that have been selected to join the EIT Food Acceleration Network (EIT FAN) 2021 in its 6 innovation hubs spread across Europe.

Volare develops a technology that solves the challenge of large-scale protein and lipid ingredient production from food industry side streams. The protein ingredient has unique features, including extremely high digestibility, high protein content, and balanced amino acids.

KYTOS provides a novel microbiome health platform to unlock precision farming for the aquaculture and hydroponics sectors.  

Solmeyea produces high value bioingredient-based food and feed proteins, through vertical microalgae cultivation for a significant lower cost with a lower carbon footprint.