ADM consolidating its expansion in Asia

The company is reinforcing its presence in existing markets (China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines) while expanding into new ones.

ADM consolidating its expansion in Asia
June 22, 2021

Ocialis, ADM’s brand in the Asian aquafeed market, has been strengthening its industrial and commercial footprint and consolidating its position as a leading aquaculture player in the Asia Pacific region. In 2020, the company launched a new brand identity and started operating in China. 

The brand operates a total of six feed mills across China, Vietnam and the Philippines and is also present in Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. “We cover all aqua species (shrimp, marine and freshwater fish) with a strong focus on regional species such as milkfish, grouper, barramundi and crawfish. ADM’s extended aquafeed footprint also includes more than 20 feed mills globally,” said Marc Campet, ADM’s aquaculture commercial development manager, Asia, to

As a region with a prevalent position in the aquaculture market, Asia is a strong focus area for ADM. But recent market trends show there is also a growing interest in aquaculture development globally, with an increasing variety of species and production systems. 

“In Asia specifically, our goal is to reinforce our presence in ADM’s existing markets (China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines) while expanding into new ones. We are also focusing more on specific species segments, such as nursery feed, marine fish and more sustainable, high-intensive shrimp farming with a Biosipec farming model,” said Campet.

New functional feeds

Product development is an endless and continuous process, aiming to answer the needs of the dynamic and rapidly developing aquaculture industry. “ADM is currently focusing especially on functional aquafeeds, supported by internal synergy, R&D capabilities and a long-term, global vision with a keen eye on the industry horizon. Last year, we introduced our first LifeDefense-branded Ocialis functional feed to the shrimp market, which received very positive market feedback. We are currently working to tailor this innovative offering for local requirements of the Chinese market, while expanding LifeDefense-branded Ocialis functional feed into other segments, such as marine fish and freshwater fingerlings,” said Pierre Domps, marketing & commercial development director, ADM Animal Nutrition in Asia.

COVID-19 impact

At a global level, there has been a significant impact on aquaculture activities, including an unprecedented increase in raw material costs, as well as increased volatility in the global market for raw materials. “We have also seen a shift in farmed species, with a reduction in high-value species targeting restaurants, such as marine fish, while more common or local species production has remained more stable,” said Campet.

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