Advanced process technologies for micro feed production

In an industry that is consistently changing, it is important to note that the way aquatic feed is produced is changing and advancing as well. While specifically focusing on micro aquatic feed, twin screw extruder technology exists that will allow for production of direct extruded feed as small as 0.5 mm.
September 10, 2018

With proper preconditioning and extruder die technology, production rates that were at one time very difficult to achieve, are now possible, allowing for greater flexibility in the products produced as well as the actual amount of throughput that can be achieved. Spencer Lawson, process technologist at Wenger Manufacturing Inc. will outline these developments at the Aquafeed Mexico Workship later this month. In addition to extrusion and preconditioning, he will discuss ancillary equipment such as dryers.

The Aquafeed Mexico Workshop will take place September 27, 2018 during the 13th International Aquaculture Forum (Foro Internacional Acuicultura)at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Guadalajara, Mexico. It will be in English and Spanish.

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