AFIA Webcast on Product Recalls

Product Recalls: Ethical, Legal, Regulatory, and Media Concerns Webcast to be held on February 23, 2005, 2-4 pm (ET) from AFIA Headquarters
January 17, 2006


Product Recalls: Ethical, Legal, Regulatory, and Media Concerns Webcast to be held on February 23, 2005, 2-4 pm (ET) from AFIA Headquarters in Washington DC.


AFIA's next Webcast Technical Symposium concerns product recalls. The webcast will focus on what managers should know about recalling products from the marketplace.


Questions such as, "Must I notify FDA?" "What do I tell my customers?" "Should I inform the media, and what should my firm say?" will be answered along with many others.


The FDA has voluntary recall regulations, and there are few instances in which firms must notify the government about a product recall. So, who should you tell and when and why? This webcast will explore the legal (what does the law say?), regulatory (what must I report and to whom?), ethical (How to be a good corporate citizen), and media concerns (Should I send out a recall notice to the media for each recall?).


The program will feature AFIA Vice President Richard Sellers, Director of Manufacturing and Training Keith Epperson and AFIA legal counsel Arthur Tsien, who has been involved in recalls both in government and working for AFIA. To handle media issues, AFIA VP Rex Runyon and public policy consultant Steve Kopperud of Policy Directions, Inc. will share their vast knowledge of dealing with the media, both when contacted and when a firm wishes to inform the public of a recall. Questions may be submitted by the participants before, during or after the webcast.


Registration Details:

To register, complete the registration form at the following link - Product Recalls Webcast Registration Form at least 2 days prior to the broadcast.

Participants will be given a login id, password and webcast address after confirmation of payment. AFIA recommends that you utilize your computer's speakers to listen to the webcast. If this isn't possible, a toll free number will be provided. Additional webcast instructions, as well as a link to test your computer's ability to connect to the webcast server will be provided following registration. AFIA is utilizing a premiere webcasting company and looks forward to a very smooth, informative production.


Important Option for Those Unable to Attend February 23rd Webcast: AFIA encourages you to register even if you are not able to attend the February 23rd live production. A CD-ROM of the broadcast is included in the registration cost, as well as a written guide.


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