Appointments at Oceanic Institute

Hawaii aquaculture research institute announces promotions for Ostrowski, Dominy and Ju
Appointments at Oceanic Institute
October 25, 2006

Appointments at Oceanic Institute

L-R: Drs. Ostrowski, Dominy, Ju

Anthony C. Ostrowski, Ph.D. has been promoted to Vice President at Oceanic Institute, an affiliate of Hawai‘i Pacific University.

Dr. Ostrowski has worked at OI for 19 years in various areas including the Finfish and Nutrition departments, and as the director of the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Program.

“Tony’s dedication to the growth and development of the Institute and to the successful implementation of our affiliation with HPU makes him ideal for this position,” said Bruce Anderson, president.

The office of Vice President at OI was reestablished to ensure the scientific quality and integration of all its programs. Dr. Ostrowski will assist with the coordination of activities between programs and with optimizing research opportunities in partnership with HPU and other institutions that share our interests. He will also spearhead OI’s efforts at securing additional funds to support OI's research and educational mission.

Warren G. Dominy, Ph.D., research scientist, has been appointed acting director of OI’s Aquatic Feeds and Nutrition Department.

Dr. Dominy has been a feeds specialist at OI for 23 years. He will lead the department as it continues its work developing optimal feeds for OI’s Pacific White Shrimp, Pacific Threadfin or moi, Amberjack or Kahala, and marine tropical fish programs.

The AFN Department research determines the cultured animal’s nutrient requirements and develops feed formulas and feed process technology for the aquaculture industry.  Work includes the use of island byproducts from tropical crops such as papaya and macadamia, as well as Alaskan byproducts from the fishing industry such as fish oils and fish meals. Its goal is to create economically viable feeds that appeal to aquacultured species and result in marketable products that are nutritional, healthy and delicious for consumers.

Zhi Yong Ju, Ph.D. is OI’s new Chemical Safety Officer. Dr. Ju, a research scientist in the Aquatic Feeds and Nutrition Department, will oversee OI’s purchasing and approval of chemical inventory, and of its storage, labeling and disposal. He will also be responsible for OI’s emergency response plan for chemicals. This appointment fulfills OI’s legal requirements regarding compliance and monitoring issues.

Appointments at Oceanic Institute
Appointments at Oceanic Institute