Aquasoja introduces new feed solution for Seriola growers

GrowSerio is the new feed solution for Seriola dumerili focused on growth, health and color.

Aquasoja introduces new feed solution for Seriola growers
November 2, 2020

Seriola dumerili is a carnivorous species with a current interest in the diversification of marine aquaculture. It is a fast-growing fish with a worldwide distribution, has been able to adapt to captivity conditions and is of high commercial interest due to the fillet, whether whole or processed.

In recent years, the number of companies producing Seriola has increased. In this sense, there is a large open field of research focused on optimizing its growing conditions. Feed is a key factor in the development of farmed species, increasing the chances of success. However, one of the major constraints associated with Seriola farming is still considered the low level of knowledge on its nutritional requirements.

Following this, and after conducting the necessary in vivo nutritional trials on Seriola, Aquasoja launched its feed solution for this species, GROWSERIO. Focused on growth, health and color, the new feed:

  • Offers size adapted formulas to better fulfill the nutritional requirements as fish grow.
  • Is highly palatable to promote feed intake.
  • Includes high levels of protein-rich ingredients for fast growth.
  • Contains natural sources of pigments for proper skin color.
  • Has selected ingredients aimed at promoting fish immunocompetence.

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