Attack on aquaculture

Dyed, de-sexed, and a threat to the planet, says UK newspaper
May 11, 2003

On Sunday May 11, Britain's libral newspaper, The Guardian, made un uncompromising attack on aquaculture in its monthly food section, entitled: "Farmed fish: Dyed, de-sexed, and a threat to the planet: the fish on your plate is more likely than ever to be farmed. Still think cod, sea bass and tuna are wild?"

The report is a catalog of accusations and for each farmed species covered, answers its own questions under the headings:
Who farms it? How? What's in it? Are the fish harmed?What about the planet?" Includes are: Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, sea bass and sea bream, tilapia, tuna, turbot, shrimps and prawns.

Reporter Andrew Purvis weighs in on PCBs, mercury and dioxins, environmental polution, mangrove destruction, GMOs, antibiotics, vaccines and carotenoids - not to mention animal welfare violations.

Read the report in full at:,9950,951686,00.html