Bahrain plans new fish farms

The country signed an agreement to establish a fish farm for species such as hamour and rabbit fish to increase the country’s fish self-sufficiency.

Bahrain plans new fish farms
May 27, 2020

A key agreement was signed by Bahrain’s Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Under-Secretary Dr. Nabeel Abu Al Fateh and the Kadi Group to establish a new fish farm in the Southern Governorate to ensure food security and self-sufficiency in Bahrain, according to local news.

“The agreement is one of several that will be signed to allocate land for specialized private fish farming companies in support of Minister Essam Khalaf’s directive to encourage investment in fish farming,” said Dr. Al Fateh.

“The agency will provide the private companies with fish fingerlings that are in high demand in the Bahraini market such as hamour, rabbit fish (Safi) and emperor fish,” he added. The move expects to achieve 50-62% self-sufficiency in fish.