Benchmark's top execs step down

Alex Raeber steps down as CSO and Philippe Léger has decided to retire after a long career in the company.

Benchmark’s top execs step down
April 21, 2020

Benchmark Holdings announced that Alex Raeber has stepped down as chief scientific officer (CSO) and director of the company effective from July 31, 2020.

Raeber has played an instrumental role in the execution of the company's new strategy since 2018, leading the review and streamlining of the product pipeline, the integration of Benchmark's innovation teams and the reorganization of the group's in-house trial facilities. Having completed these critical projects and as the company moves from an R&D investment phase into commercial execution, Raeber has decided that this is the right time to pursue new challenges.

The company also announced that Philippe Léger has decided to retire from his current position on July 1. Léger started his career in 1979 at the University of Ghent as a research scientist, before joining the spin-off company that became INVE, now Benchmark's Advanced Nutrition division. Léger led Advanced Nutrition until he turned 65 handing over his position to Athene Blakeman as Head of Advanced Nutrition in July 2019. Following the resignation of Malcolm Pye as Benchmark's CEO in 2019, Léger agreed to extend his service leading the executive management team and supporting Peter George, executive chairman. Having completed the handover in Advanced Nutrition and following the appointment of incoming CEO, Trond Williksen from June 1, 2020, Philippe has decided it is the right time to pursue new projects.

Peter George said that “on behalf of the board, I would like to thank Alex and Philippe for their important contributions to Benchmark, particularly the roles they have played in the new strategy and restructuring we initiated in 2019. We wish them success in their future endeavors.”