Bharat Luxindo Agrifeeds opens a new feed factory in India

The company is introducing demonstration farms in Andhra Pradesh to move traditional rohu farmers to use pelleted feeds.

Bharat Luxindo Agrifeeds opens a new feed factory in India
January 14, 2021

Bharat Luxindo Agrifeeds Pvt. Ltd. opened a new factory in Chittavaram, Narasapur, Andhra Pradesh. “2021 is the 18th year we have been involved in the aquaculture industry in Andhra Pradesh. Bharat Luxindo has been instrumental in launching the use of pelleted feeds in rohu farming and this new factory is a testimony of the success that we have achieved so far in our quest to make an impact in the industry with new initiatives and using best practices in aquaculture,” said Yoe Keng Joon, chairman at Bharat. 

The company started the demonstration of the Farm of Future Grow with Grofish (FFGG) in Korukollu in March 2020, achieving good results and welcomes customers to visit the farm. This is part of the company’s initiative to introduce modern aquaculture practices in rohu farming in Andhra Pradesh that will increase the profitability of farmers and reduce pollution and wastage caused by the use of DOB in fish ponds. The company also started another demonstration farm nearby Palakil, where pelleted Grofish feeds were used for rupchand fish, and a third FFGG farm in Eluru.

“We plan to introduce FFGG farms in each major rohu growing area and convince all traditional farmers to use our rohu seed, Grofish pellets and broadcasting the feeds. There is a big potential for the use of pelleted fish feeds in Andhra Pradesh and this new factory is testimony to our confidence in the growth of our products in the years to come,” the chairman said.