BioMar Norway appoints Nofima researcher

Odd Helge Romarheim was appointed as a new specialist in nutrition and feeding who will oversee the grow-out feeds for salmon and trout.

Odd Helge Romarheim. Credits: BioMar
March 14, 2024

BioMar appointed Odd Helge Romarheim as a new specialist in nutrition and feeding who will oversee the grow-out feeds for salmon and trout and will be part of the technical department of BioMar Norway.

Romarheim has an MSc and PhD in fish nutrition from NMBU and started his career as a researcher at the same university. For the past 11 years, he has worked as a researcher at Nofima's feed technology center in Bergen.

“Being able to work with BioMar's feed was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. I have previously worked with both nutrition and feed for fish associated with various research institutions, so working even closer to the farming industry is very exciting. At BioMar, I have a great opportunity to help develop the industry further,” said Romarheim.

“BioMar is a highly recognized company with many knowledgeable employees, and it is a company I know well from previous jobs as a researcher at NMBU and Nofima. Going from Nofima, where I have been for the past 11 years, to BioMar was not such a big transition. I have now been at BioMar for a week. The welcome has been very good and professional, and people have welcomed me with open arms as part of the BioMar team,” said Romarheim.

Grow-out feeds for salmon and trout are the main stock in BioMar's feed range and make up the largest volume. As a product manager, Romarheim will be involved in a wide range of activities that embrace raw material development and implementation, feed technology solutions, basic nutrition and feeding strategy.

“Odd Helge has the unique combination of solid professional background and experience. There are relatively few people who have a PhD in fish nutrition and who can ‘screw’ and fix an extruder if it has gone awry! Theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills and flair is what we need at BioMar,” said technical director Vegard Denstadli.