Norway sets new targets for raw materials in aquafeeds

The new target for Norwegian-produced raw materials in aquafeeds has increased to 25% by 2034.

Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Cecilie Myrseth
March 18, 2024

The Norwegian government has set a goal that by 2034 all feeds for farmed fish and livestock must come from sustainable sources. It has also set a new target for how much of the feed must come from Norwegian raw materials.

“Fish is climate-friendly and healthy food, but we source too many raw materials for the feed from abroad. A sustainable production of feed based on an increasing proportion of Norwegian raw materials will reduce climate emissions and strengthen our ability to be self-sufficient,” said Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Cecilie Myrseth.

Currently, the proportion of Norwegian-produced raw materials in feed for farmed fish is 8% and the government wants to increase this to 25% by 2034.

With these targets, the government aims to help preserve natural diversity, develop a strong feed ingredient industry and increase security of supply in Norway. The targets also aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from raw materials used for feed for farmed fish.