BioMar partners with cod farming company

The company recently signed an agreement to supply aquafeeds to Norcod and develop innovative and sustainable feed solutions.

BioMar partners with cod farming company
January 13, 2022

BioMar recently started to deliver feeds to cod farming company, Norcod, to the Frosvika site in Meløy municipality, Norway.

Norcod produces farmed cod with great ambitions going forward and looks forward to collaborating with BioMar in the future on healthy and sustainable cod production. “We have developed a good collaboration with BioMar, and together we will continue our journey of developing nutritious and sustainable feed for our cod,” said Rune Eriksen, COO in Norcod. 

The global market is increasingly demanding stable deliveries of fresh cod all year round, and now high-quality farmed cod can be produced on a large scale to meet this demand. Norcod started production of farmed cod in 2019 and will supply cod to the Norwegian, European and American markets. From its facilities in Central and Northern Norway, Norcod plans an annual production of 25,000 tons of cod by 2025, and BioMar will be responsible for parts of the feed deliveries in the first phase.

“The development in cod farming is very exciting, and we are very pleased that Norcod has chosen to enter into an agreement with us,” said Kristian Sørebø, product manager at BioMar Norway. “Together with Norcod, we will have a strong focus on developing innovative and sustainable feed solutions.”