CANADA - Nova Scotia promises new aquaculture regime for fish farms

Independent Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board will have final say on future fish farm sites
April 22, 2015

Nova Scotia\'s Liberal government delivered its response Tuesday to a stinging report on the province\'s aquaculture regime, promising more transparency and rigour when it comes to regulating fish farms.

\"We need stronger oversight, more proactive release of information. This is the first step to make it a reality,\" Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell told reporters in Halifax.

On Tuesday, Colwell introduced amendments to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act. Detailed regulations will follow in coming months.

The amendments create an independent three-member Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board that will have final approval on future fish farm sites after holding public hearings.

Two Dalhousie law professors — Meinhard Doelle and Bill Lahey — spent more than a year studying aquaculture. Their December 2014 report concluded the environmental risks can be mitigated but an overhaul is needed to restore the industry\'s credibility in coastal Nova Scotia.
[Source:Paul Withers, CBC News. Read article]