Grinder company hit by tornado

Reynolds Engineering and Equipment getting back to normal after tornado
June 5, 2007

Grinder company hit by tornado

On Friday, June 1, 2007,  afternoon a tornado struck Reynolds Engineering and Equipment Inc.
causing significant damage.

"No one was injured, for which we are grateful, but it will take some effort to get things back to normal", Ted Neff of Reynolds Engineering & Equipment said.

None of the shop equipment was damaged by the tornado, but there is some minor water damage.
"The offices took the brunt of the funnel and is pretty devastated. This means that our phone system is down as well as our fax machine, so communication with us will  be the biggest challenge", Said Neff.

"Our parts inventory was not damaged, so we are still able to ship your replacement parts. If you need parts, please call Brenda at 1-563-299-4478.

The company will be moving offices to another location on site and hopes to have that completed in a couple of days.

Neff asks that customers and friends be patient as they get everything back up and running smoothly, which they expect to do by the end of the week. "I know many of you will be tempted to call to see how we are doing, but I would ask that  you not do that as our communications are so limited. We will be posting  updates on the web site to keep everyone informed. Thank-you everyone for your understanding."