Overcoming the Energy Feed Crisis in the Aquaculture Industry

Lyons urges industry to ‘take control of their futures’ by embracing sustainable strategies and technologies
June 6, 2007

Overcoming the Energy Feed Crisis in the Aquaculture Industry

Alltech’s 23rd International Feed Industry Symposium addressed the challenges facing the future of the aquaculture industry in Lexington, Kentucky, USA (May 20-23). During the Symposium over 1,500 delegates from 78 countries attended and listened to industry experts discuss areas of concern including the rising costs of feed, environmental concerns, a $1 billion deficit in the industry and the best guidelines to follow as we diversify species and methods used in aquaculture.

“Alltech’s Symposium enabled industry experts to come together to explore and present the latest research on areas such as organic aquaculture production, recognising the reality of the aquaculture mycotoxin problem, designing aquaculture feeds using new technologies, reducing reliance on fishmeal with NuPro®, and the importance of maintaining gut health,” said Dan Fegan, Alltech’s regional technical manager for aquaculture.

Alltech founder and president, Dr. Pearse Lyons, communicated a clear message at the opening session of the Symposium by urging the audience to ‘take control of their futures’ by embracing sustainable strategies and technologies. He further added that specific focus areas such as integrating distillery by-products into diets, controlling mycotoxin impact, and alternative approaches to supplying dietary protein will play a critical role in the future of the animal feed industry.

Some of the highlights of Alltech’s aquaculture session include:
 John Sweetman, Alltech Greece, set the stage by introducing the forward focus of Alltech in research and development in the aquaculture industry.

 Dr. James Tidwell, Kentucky State University, USA, spoke on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the global aquaculture market.

 Frederic Barrows, Department of Agriculture, USA, addressed the challenges for the future with changing technologies, ingredients and formulations to replace fishmeal in salmonid diets.

 Santosh Lall, Institute of Marine Bioscience, Canada, explained the critical role minerals play in aquaculture and how using minerals results in better fish performance, product quality and disease prevention.

Other speakers include; Dr. Colm Moran, Alltech France and Dan Fegan, Alltech Thailand; Dr. Simon Davies, University of Plymouth, UK; Dr. John Halver, University of Washington, USA; and Dr. Stephan Gunther, Empreas Aquachile SA, Chile.

For over 27 years, Alltech has maintained the philosophy of leading by example. Through continuous research, communication and events such as the Annual International Feed Industry Symposium and the global lecture tour series, the company remains a leader in delivering the most innovative nutritional technologies to the animal feed industry. Providing industry analysts and professionals with the most complete, up-to-date information available, the Symposium is a must attend event each year.

Alltech are the proud sponsors of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010™ to be held in Kentucky, USA.

Highlights from the Symposium are available on For a copy of the proceedings please contact your local representative.