INDONESIA - Japfa Comfeed dropping aquafeed for poultry feed

Japfa to convert Surabaya aquafeed mill to poultry feed as part of $99 million investment
December 8, 2011

Animal feed producer Japfa Comfeed Indonesia will invest heavily in poultry feed production next year. The company plans to spend $99 million in upgrading feedmills in Sumatra and Java, a top executive said.

Japfa has 12 factories across the country — in Sidoarjo, Lampung, Makassar and Cirebon. As well as expanding production capacity at feed mills in Medan and Padang in Sumatra by 96,000 tons each, it will convert its aquafeed mill in Surabaya, East Java, to chicken feed production, adding a further 120,000 tons per year to its poultry feed output.

[Source: The Jakarta Globe]