Industry federations launch a joint notification website for feed additive suppliers

European federations of the feed supply chain, EMFEMA, FEDIAF, FEFAC, FEFANA and IMA-Europe, have created a website for the notification of feed additives for EU and non-EU company use
Industry federations launch a joint notification website for feed additive suppliers
June 15, 2004

This website, which is freely open to all feed chain operators - EU and non-EU based - provides a forum that should facilitate the establishment of consortia for the different products at stake, with a view to sending a single notification for each product on behalf of a consortium. The website will be operational from 16 June 2004.

This initiative was welcomed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Commission for its high potential in fostering the notification process.

The five European federations joined forces and formed a notification platform following the publication of the new EU feed additives regulation (EC) no. 1831/2003 on 18 October 2003. This Regulation states that existing products falling under its scope may remain on the market after 7 November 2004 provided that the persons first placing the additive on the EU market, and/or any other interested party notify these additives to the European Commission and the EFSA before that date (cf. Article 10). It concerns the following products: feed additives that have been placed on the market pursuant to Directive 70/524/EEC1; urea and derivatives, amino acids, salt of an amino-acid or analogous substances listed in points 2.1, 3 and 4 of the Annex to Directive 82/471/EEC2; and silage additives.

More information can be found on the notification website, which contains among others a database listing existing products and the state of play with regard to notification, a Q&A and advice on filling in the notification forms, etc.

1 Council Directive 70/524/EEC of 23 November 1970 concerning additives in feedingstuffs, Official Journal L 270, 14.12.1970, p. 1 - 17 2 Council Directive 82/471/EEC of 30 June 1982 concerning certain products used in animal nutrition, Official Journal L 213, 21.07.1982, p. 8 - 14


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