Novel sustainable ingredient from String Bio validated by BioMar

String Bio’s protein ingredient produced from greenhouse gasses has been validated in salmon feed by BioMar.

007 - STRING BIO - Vinod and Ezhil
September 13, 2022

Operating in gas fermentation, String Bio is a company that faces the “protein challenge” betting on unicellular protein. Scaling up economical and modular fermenters, String enables the production of high-quality ingredients from greenhouses gasses.

The company’s protein PRO-DG®, which was found to increase feed conversion and growth rates in shrimp and other species in previous trials, meets the growing demand for aquaculture products while ensuring the protection of marine resources.

Sensitive to the need for sustainable and traceable fish feeds, BioMar paid particular attention to the evaluation of String Bio’s unicellular protein. The company has been working together with String Bio to biologically evaluate the product, calculate its value in diets and try to help the process of commercial acceleration of this new raw material.

“A preliminary result of the validation highlights the biological potential of PRO-DG® as a protein alternative within our current basket of raw materials to reduce carbon emissions,” said Fernando Norambuena, BioMar’s global category manager.

Regarding the nutritional trial carried out on salmon, Ezhil Subbian, String Bio’s co-founder & CEO, said “String has been validating the use of PRO-DG® across various species in different geographies and varying farm management practices. It’s a great milestone to have the validation studies done by BioMar.”