Putting pressure on fishmeal suppliers

Scottish fish famer demands fishmeal supplies from sustainable fisheries
September 28, 2004

Sustainability of fishmeal is a concern to everyone in the aquaculture industry. Perceived feeding practices have started to impact consumer response to farmed fish and one fish farmer is Scotland is demanding that his feed is made only from sustainable fisheries.

Nick Joy, Managing Director of Loch Duart, one of the last few independent salmon farms in Scotland, said: "We have voluntarily banned blue whiting from our diets for two years. We will only use fish that are deemed "fished within safe biological limits". Our future is dependent on these stocks and we must ensure that they are secured for our children's future".

"Despite the extra costs of this strategy, we believe that there is no other choice for our industry. We have to use sustainable sources of fish meal. We call on governments worldwide to concentrate research into the overall sustainability of all industrial fishing. This will set workable limits for the guidance of the aquaculture industry.

"Our company was set up to try to find a sustainable farming system. From year fallows to avoiding the use of antifoulants, we continuously strive for better practice. Our feed sustainability is part of this philosophy".