SAUDI ARABIA - National Prawn Company embarks on major offshore finfish aquaculture expansion in the Red Sea

NPC diversifies from land-based shrimp culture to marine finfish production
March 28, 2013

AKVA group has confirmed a new contract with National Prawn Co. (NPC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The total contract value is US$ 10,160,700 and will be delivered between April and October 2013.

\"This is the first large contract for delivery of advanced and proven cage farming technology to the Middle East region, and we are of course honored that NPC has chosen AKVA group to supply this for their large offshore fish farming projects in the Red Sea\", says COO Export at AKVA group, Mr. Trond Severinsen.

Mr. Ahmad Al Ballaa, Managing Director of NPC said, \"Our company have now started the first building phases of a major offshore finfish aquaculture expansion in the Red Sea, with a planned total production of 100,000 tons/year within 10 years. This in order to grow our business from land based prawn farming to offshore cage farming of finfish in a secure and sustainable manner.

Mr. Ruben Alvarez, who is the Fish Business Director of NPC, adds, \"We chose AKVA group as a supplier of this important part of our operations due to their long track record and quality products. Our company is founded on highly qualified people, best technology available, healthy and safe seafood products and a high respect and care for the environment in which we operate, which is the main asset for our company. Consequently, NPC is determined to use the most modern technology available, of which AKVA group has a leading position.