Skretting Chile advances in ISO 50.001 certification

The standard aims to improve the production process with more efficient energy use and generate a positive impact on the environment.

Skretting Chile advances in ISO 50.001 certification
Skretting Pargua
March 5, 2021

After a period of documentary review and evaluation of annual energy consumption by the Chilean Energy Sustainability Agency (ASE), Skretting Chile will start the process to achieve the certification according to the ISO 50.001 standard, which implies having the financial and technical support of the ASE to implement the Energy Management System in all its facilities.

“The standard focuses on efficiency reviewing all processes where there is energy use within our facilities, which will allow us to develop a solid baseline identifying the energy consumption of the production process, and then evaluate the measures to lower energy consumption,” said Francisco Hohmann, head of Environmental Management and leader of the implementation process at Skretting Chile.

The certification provides 330 days to carry out the survey, evaluate energy consumption and implement efficiency plans to reduce consumption and the company's energy footprint. The implementation of this standard is in line with the new Chilean Energy Efficiency Law “which allows us to incorporate good practices to comply with the standards required by law, maintaining and auditing the measures implemented. At Skretting, we are happy to have obtained the support of the ASE and we hope that this process will allow us to create an energy use policy within the organization and give us the possibility of participating in the ranking of energy-efficient companies, something that will make us all proud at Skretting Chile,” said Hohmann.

This initiative is aligned with Nutreco's sustainability policies and ambition for 2025 to reduce the carbon footprint of the company's products throughout the value chain, starting in the facilities. “This is one of the efficiency initiatives we have been implementing in the company, such as the clean energy supply contract that began this year with Statkraft and other actions, such as the change of the boiler at Skretting’s Pargua plant which seeks to replace fossil energy emissions with biomass or other cleaner energies that allow us to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum, marking a milestone among the Skretting operations in the world,” concluded Álvaro Cifuentes, Skretting Chile Production & Supply Chain manager.