Skretting reports 2021 Coho results in Chile

The company developed a new performance index that determines the best center of the year from a business perspective. 

Skretting reports 2021 Coho results in Chile
July 25, 2022

Skretting Chile reported the 2021 results for Coho salmon showing better performance than the previous year (2020). FCRb decreased by 1.7% maintaining the farming times and the harvest weights (8 months and 3.87 kg, respectively) and the yield increased by 8% compared to the previous year (2020: 3.4 kg/smolt – 2021: 3.7 kg/smolt).

Marcelo Abarzúa, commercial deputy manager at Skretting, said that “based on these good results, we have a new indicator to compare our clients' centers from a business perspective, whose main objective is the production of biomass in the shortest possible time. We have designed the Skretting Performance Index (IDS) that relates the conversion factor, mortality, harvested biomass, yield and production times, reflecting the efficiency of the farming center's work team and its contribution to the commercial targets of the company.”

The Capeahuapi Center, from Marine Farm, showed the best results in 2021 with an IDS of 0.500. This center obtained an FCRb of 1.02, a harvest weight of 4,592 kg in 8.9 months, a yield of 4.53 kg/smolt and accumulated mortality of 3.5%. “These results are a reflection of adequate feeding management and a well-planned strategy for the use of diets, which included the use of functional feeds to face the different environmental and health challenges,” the company said.

“These results push us to continue exploring the potential of this species, and to do so, Skretting is working on the prompt launch of a new specific diet that will maximize the productive performance of Pacific salmon,” concludes Abarzúa.