Skretting's new RAS feed concept to optimize RAS operations

The new feed concept, known as RCX, will ensure a product with high structural integrity optimized for RAS operations through a certified factory auditing. The range will be launched globally for selected customers, first to Atlantic salmon farmers in North America.

Skretting's new RAS feed concept to optimize RAS operations
Saravanan Subramanian and  Stuart Fyfe
November 21, 2019

Over the coming months, Skretting will roll out the RCX concept for Atlantic salmon grown in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), a range fully optimized for RAS. This new concept will significantly reduce the risks for the new growout RAS salmon sector coming on stream and highlights Skretting’s long-term commitment to enable the growing RAS sector to thrive.

“Skretting’s current market-leading range, RC, has been a top performer for years and reduced the impact of indirect waste into RAS by improving fecal stability,” said Saravanan Subramanian, a global product manager at Skretting. “The next generation, RCX, takes this one step further by ensuring consistent structural integrity through certified factory auditing.”

The feed production team at Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) in Stavanger has developed strict quality parameters and will audit Skretting facilities to ensure these rigorous standards are followed. “Our team works closely with the local experts in all our plants around the world and we conduct regular audits on our operations,” said Stuart Fyfe, operations team leader at Skretting ARC. “We have detailed analyses of the facilities that will be producing to RCX standards and have now designed specific parameters to ensure that our customers receive optimal and consistent high quality RCX products wherever they may be,” said Fyfe.

The new concept fully utilizes Skretting’s global resources and existing and RCX-specific structural integrity standards. Skretting already ensures the precise nutritional quality of feeds through a sophisticated global network, including globally-referenced near-infrared spectrometry (NIR) calibrations. “The factory certification takes our level of quality to the next level,” stated Fyfe. “We will have a zero tolerance for non-conformance on the physical quality of RCX feeds,” concluded Fyfe.

RCX will be launched first in North America to specific customers for Atlantic salmon, followed by other locations and species around the world.