TAIWAN & INDIA - Hanaqua finalized technology transfer agreement for aquafeed formulation to Nexus Feeds

Hanaqua and Nexus, Taiwan, signed a contract for the technology transfer of aquafeed formulation in February
February 28, 2013

Further to the contract of logo authorization to Nexus Feeds Ltd., India, on December 22, 2011 in India. Hanaqua and Nexus, Taiwan, signed another contract for the technology transfer of aquafeed formulation in February. The contract signing ceremony was hosted by Mr. Peter Chiang, the founder of Hanaqua, and held at Garden Villa, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

Stakeholders from various sectors of the aquaculture industry in Taiwan, including academia and research, government and industry were in attendance. Among these were Dr. I.C. Liao, the Academician of Academia Sinica; Dr. Shi-Yen Shiau, the National Endowed Chair Professor; and many other professors in the fields of nutrition, physiology and environment. Dr. Fern-Lan Chern, the Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, Mr. Paul Hsu, the Chairman of PHYCOS International Co., Ltd were also present to witness the event. 

Aside from the ritual of contract signing, the host led all attendants in a brain-storming session on the topic of \"Taiwan\'s ride in the development of the global aquaculture industry\". The discussion concluded that although Taiwan has had more than fifty years\' experience in commercial production, those players in the supply chain are now facing the need to optimize their international marketing in order to provide a greater contribution to the supply of the world\'s aquatic food. 

Several attendants highlighted the urgent need of transforming \"Taiwanese field experience\" into \"Taiwanese scientific experience\" in aquaculture production. There is no doubt that a more scientific approach can upgrade the current technology.

Mr. G.Rama Krishna Reddy, the CEO of Nexus Feeds Ltd, expressed his strong confidence in the cooperation as well as the eagerness for the support of Hanaqua and its affiliated technical team, Taiwan Aquaculture Corps.

In its second wave of Indian shrimp culture since 1990, Hanaqua\\\'s technology will concentrated on its knowledge in this east area of India.  In the meantime, Hanaqua will play a role of helping fish farmers to comply with certification programs, such as ASC , BAP and others, and in linking them with their end customers. 

With almost 40 years of involvement in aquaculture, Hanaqua continues to make strides in supplying quality seafood to the people in the world.