Veramaris and Skretting team up

Veramaris and Skretting team up to provide Lingalaks marine algae oil for salmon industry.
Veramaris and Skretting team up
January 31, 2019

Veramaris and Skretting team up to provide Lingalaks marine algae oil for salmon industry. Norwegian salmon producers Lingalaks has been feeding 50% of their salmon production a diet produced by Skretting since October 2018 which includes omega-3 EPA + DHA algal oil produced by Veramaris. “Omega-3 EPA + DHA from natural marine algae allows us to produce healthier and better salmon. It also gives us the unique opportunity to differentiate our company within a competitive market. Our courage to pioneer a new and more sustainable production method using algal oil resonated well with our philosophy. By being the early adopter of this new technology, we found partners along the seafood value chain who supported us in realizing our vision of superior, sustainable salmon quality and finding new outlets for it”, says Lingalaks owner Erlend Haugarvoll.

“Our omega-3 algal oil rich in both fatty acids EPA and DHA is a novel ingredient for better and more sustainable salmon farming, but sometimes it takes a lot of courage and the right mindset to take the first step to adopt a breakthrough innovation”, Veramaris CEO Karim Kurmaly says.

The feed for Lingalaks new salmon generation is provided by feed manufacturer Skretting. “As an industry leader with the knowledge to produce 100% fish-free feeds on a commercial scale, Skretting is very happy to support Lingalaks in taking this innovative step,” says Mads Martinsen, Director Product Development, Skretting Norway. “It’s not as simple as just substitution, and many years of research have allowed this breakthrough.”

German retail chain Kaufland is the first to put the new salmon on the shelf. Kaufland and Lidl are part of the German Schwarz Group. Kaufland sees great potential in the collaboration with Lingalaks and Veramaris, as consumer demand for healthy and sustainably fed salmon is rapidly increasing.