Aquaculture is well-ranked by FAIRR Initiative

The second edition of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index reports on improvements in the salmon industry in terms of sustainability and its impact on the ranking.

September 26, 2019

The FAIRR Initiative has developed the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index to analyze the largest global meat, dairy and aquaculture producers by combining nine environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk factors with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The index was launched in 2018 as a pilot index. The nine factors and associated indicators included were derived from a top-down analysis of established standards and benchmarks. These included the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB’s) materiality matrix for the sector. In 2019, a pilot methodology was built to deepen our coverage of the sector.

Similar to 2018 index, the five companies categorized as ‘low risk’ include three European aquaculture companies, Mowi, Leroy Seafood Group and Bakkafrost.

On average, fish feed accounts for around 87% of GHG emissions in Atlantic salmon production. However, none of the companies has a Scope 3 emissions-reduction target.

According to the report, all ten pure aquaculture companies are fully certified or working towards full certification by aquaculture certification schemes, indicating certification has become a core business requirement. The report also states that there is a strong regional trend in performance on disease management. Asian producers score the lowest and European producers score the highest.

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