Increased total fishmeal and fish oil productions in January

IFFO’s analysis on marine ingredients market trends also expects aquafeed production in China to pick up in mid-March thanks to the strength of demand for seafood. 

Increased total fishmeal and fish oil productions in January

March 22, 2021

Total fishmeal and fish oil productions in January 2021 surpassed that of January 2020, according to the latest IFFO market intelligence report that analyzes marine ingredients market trends. 

Peru, Chile, the Northern European region and the African countries reported an improvement in terms of available raw material in January 2021 compared to January 2020. On the contrary, the U.S. reported a big drop, following poorer landings in Alaska. The U.S. menhaden fishing season will start in April.

Thanks to better-than-average landings in Peru and Chile, both total fishmeal and fish oil productions in January 2021 (including salmon-based meal and oil) were far bigger than in January 2020.

China's demand for seafood remains robust and aquafeed production is expected to pick up in mid-March. Domestic fishmeal production was subdued before and after the Spring Festival. Operations resumed in Shandong and Zhejiang following the holidays, while the Liaoning fishmeal plants won’t resume operations until September due to the lack of raw material. The supply of domestic fishmeal in the first quarter of 2021 might not improve compared to the first quarter of 2020.

Aquafeed output remains subdued for the time being, as aquaculture is still in its low season. From the second half of March, the report expects aquafeed production to pick up. The rise of the aquatic products' price signals the strength of the demand for seafood, helped by the recovery of the food service in China.

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