REPORT: What Farmed Fish Eat, a panel discussion at the Boston Seafood Show

The question of “What Farmed Fish Eat” was the subject of the first panel session at the 2011 International Boston Seafood Show last month. A panel of experts in aquafeeds gathered to discuss recent advances in feed research and industry progress towards sustainability. The panel was moderated by Steven Hart, Director of Aquaculture at the Indiana Soybean Alliance, and included:
• Richard Nelson, Manager of Purchasing at Silver Cup Feeds, a fish feed provider
• Mike Hickerson, Director of Sales at Bell Aquaculture, a producer of farm-raised yellow perch in Indiana;
• Jeff Silverstein, Director of the Aquaculture Program at the Agriculture Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture;
• Mike Cremer, Director of the Global Aquaculture Program with the U.S. Soybean Export Council. He also has experience in fish nutrition; and
• George Leonard, Director of Aquaculture Programming for the Ocean Conservancy, an environmental NGO.

Download our full report (PDF):
April 21, 2011