Viability of tallow inclusion in Atlantic salmon diet, as assessed by an on-farm grow out trial

The results of recent research into the inclusion of tallow in fish feed formulations, suggest that it is viable as a potential substitute for other alternative lipid sources such as poultry by-product oil.
March 31, 2016

Improved knowledge of alternative dietary energy sources (oils and fats) to be used in aquafeed, (replacing the increasingly expensive, and diminishingly available, fish oil) is a key area of research towards improved environmental sustainability and economic viability of the aquaculture sector.

Following a promising laboratory based, research scale, in vivo trial aimed at assessing the viability of tallow in salmon feed, a larger and longer duration farm-based trial was implemented to validate initial findings. Consumer test of final products (fresh–cooked, hot smoked and cold smoked fillets) showed no modification of sensorial attributes. Tallow is hereto shown to be a highly viable alternative oil for the salmon aquafeed industry.

Authors: James A Emery, Richard Smullen, Russell S.J. Keast, Giovanni M. Turchini. Published by Elsevier.