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Dinnissen introduces new sampling and mixing innovations

The company introduced a new smart sampling system and bespoke mixer for R&D laboratories.

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Smart sampling system (up) and Pegasus® R&D mixer (dowm).
May 27, 2021

At its Online Spring Expo, Dinnissen introduced some of its latest innovations.

Smart sampling system

Tracking and tracing, combined with product quality, are the essence in the modern industry requiring taking samples after processing steps. Dinnissen introduced a new range of sampling systems designed to improve sampling processes. The company offers various kinds of sample takers and sample carousels that automatically collect samples and an automatic sampling system that can collect various sample sizes.  

The new smart sampling system allows a wide range of sample takers. Sample carousels can be customized for specific goals and are easily accessible for fast but thorough cleaning.

New Pegasus® R&D mixer

Pegasus® R&D mixer is an asset to R&D departments. The mixer adds various ingredients and mixes small batches within a relatively short time.

The new mixer was developed after a company in the chemical sector approached Dinnissen with a very specific chemical process that requires that a batch be mixed continuously for 24 hours with exactly 1 gram of additives. Both the product and the mixer had to be kept at a specific temperature. 

Dinnissen designed Pegasus® R&D Mixer featuring a compact and mobile design, precise mixing thanks to Pegasus® mixing technology, perfect temperature control of both mixer and products and designed, built and tested in-house.

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