FOSS unveils fully-automated mycotoxin analyzer for rapid tests

MycoFoss™ can test up to six mycotoxins in one go reducing workload while strengthening risk management in the feed supply chain.

FOSS unveils fully-automated mycotoxin analyzer for rapid tests

May 13, 2021

FOSS introduced MycoFoss™, a new mycotoxin analyzer for rapid tests for the presence of mycotoxins in grain and corn. “MycoFoss™ represents a real breakthrough in the critical job of testing for harmful mycotoxins because it is the world’s first-ever fully-automated solution for rapid tests performed at grain reception, feed mills or flour mills,” the company said.

Testing of up to six mycotoxins in one go

MycoFoss™ is operated at the push of a button. Users simply place a ground sample in the instrument and select the appropriate test on a touch screen display.

Results for key mycotoxin risks including DON, FUM, AFLA, ZEN, OTA and T-2 are delivered within eight minutes. A multiplex option allows up to six mycotoxins to be tested in one go. This is a facility that can become increasingly relevant as industry regulations and guidelines encompass ever more mycotoxins.

More data for risk management in grain, feed and flour production

The ability to get more test data with improved consistency empowers MycoFoss™ users to handle quality-control questions such as the handling and segregation of incoming corn and wheat, the use of additive binders in feed production and compliance with legal requirements for mycotoxin levels in food production.

The ease of operation reduces dependence on specialist staff and frees up resources, for example, at grain reception during the busy harvest period. Further, the low-cost-per sample, empowers users to test as often as needed and with the possibility to test for more types of mycotoxins than previously tested with slower manual methods.

Innovative technology 

MycoFoss™ combines a number of existing and newer technologies to offer a groundbreaking approach to mycotoxin risk management that is safe and accurate on all levels. The patented measurement uses the well-known immune assay method in combination with sophisticated artificial intelligence software. Individual mycotoxin cells are singled out and given a fluorescent marker. They are then passed through a capillary tube for counting using established flow cytometry techniques of which FOSS is highly experienced from earlier work with, for example, somatic cell counting for quality control of milk.

Completing the solution are a raft of innovative service concepts that further simplify mycotoxin risk management. Online support helps to maintain uptime and performance of instruments while connectivity ensures efficient data management and monitoring for adherence to standard operating procedures. Populations of instruments can be managed from the desktop to ensure consistent testing across any location.


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