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Kemin Industries introduces cloud-based data management platform

The digital system, KEMINCONNECT™, links Kemin liquid application systems for better customer experience and improved efficiency.

Kemin Industries introduces cloud-based data management platform

May 27, 2022

Kemin Industries recently launched KEMINCONNECT™, a cloud-based data management platform that connects Kemin's liquid application systems with its Internet of Things (IoT) tool. KEMINCONNECT leads the company's digitalization efforts of its services for the animal nutrition and health, rendering and pet food markets.

A technological revolution focused on exploring automation and data exchange in industrial environments gradually takes place in commercial and manufacturing settings. KEMINCONNECT advances Kemin's role in transitioning to modern technologies. For example, smart machines that analyze and diagnose issues can be linked across the value chain via KEMINCONNECT. This connection improves the agility and reactivity of the Kemin support team and maximizes the overall equipment effectiveness.

Online event for animal nutrition

Kemin recently introduced KEMINCONNECT at an online event for animal nutrition and health professionals that addressed the steady progress of digitalization in the feed industry. During the event, a panel of experts spoke on the subject in an effort to bring attention to the digital awareness curve in the agricultural industry. The panelists were experts involved in digitalization for business-to-business and the animal nutrition and health sectors, including:

  • Bernd GroĂź, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG
  • Vinicius Chiappetta, Global Commercial Director, Cargill Digital Solutions
  • Tom Verleyen, Global Platform Director, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

The experts discussed the tremendous opportunities digitalization offers the agricultural industry. Using technology to connect different steps in the production process can result in overall cost reductions, gains in efficiency and automation—all of which improve customer experience and production efficiency.

In the near future, ecosystems that encompass feed and feed production, as well as farming and animal monitoring, will offer agricultural companies a full and connected experience at each step of the value chain. By utilizing the data and technology encapsulated in KEMINCONNECT today, Kemin can identify what brings true value to its customers tomorrow.

The speakers also stressed the importance of change management, as data security and integrity are essential to establishing trust and acceptance of a digital solution. Digital transformation goes far beyond simply installing technology for users to learn and operate independently; supporting them with industry expertise is critical to maximizing the benefits of a digital solution.

Kemin has spent months validating KEMINCONNECT in pilot projects that ran across different continents. Several customers were involved in the development phase to provide input and ensure KEMINCONNECT's functionalities and dashboards meet their needs. Feedback from these customers has been extremely positive, and Kemin is now gradually rolling out its digital service.

KEMINCONNECT offers better integration of Kemin's liquid application system into customers' existing production processes. With this digital platform, customers can enjoy increased agility and reactivity from Kemin support teams, and operators will gain additional insights on how to improve their process and application systems.

For more information on KEMINCONNECT, click here.


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