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ANDRITZ will showcase innovations for aquafeed mills at VICTAM Asia 2022

The company will introduce Micro Feed System and Metris Vibe to the Asian market and will present an overview of the efficient use of energy in the extrusion process at’s Towards Sustainable Aquafeed conference.

ANDRITZ will showcase innovations for aquafeed mills at VICTAM Asia 2022

August 1, 2022

ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel experts will present two innovations for the aquafeed market at Victam Asia 2022 (Booth 1910), Micro Feed System and Metris Vibe. With the feed market in Asia flourishing, the ability to provide plant solutions capable of delivering against ever-increasing demand is critical, particularly in light of population growth and rising prosperity. Higher living standards are creating a need for higher quality proteins, while increased wealth is also driving the pet food sector forward. Working with an experienced partner allows feed producers to operate effectively throughout the lifecycle of the equipment, maximizing capacity and contributing to a robust bottom line. 

“At ANDRITZ we are focused on optimizing processes and innovative developments that will enable customers to achieve the safest, most cost-effective production, with minimal waste and energy usage,” said Stefan de Roo, Global MarCom manager for Feed & Biofuel. “We are here to support our customers in Asia for all of their plant solutions requirements – whether for the feed, pet food or biomass industries – based on their exact specifications at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Our experts will be welcoming people to the booth in person, to listen to their challenges and to demonstrate that, with the industry’s most trusted services, we are there for our customers at all times.” 

Micro Feed System

The AFTaN award-winning Micro Feed System – a dedicated extruder upgrade system designed for aquafeed that is less than 2 mm in size – is on display. The system can increase capacity by up to 40% when compared to running microfeed at reduced speeds on standard extrusion lines, and represents a major breakthrough in the industry. The system will be mounted on an extruder that also features a dedicated venting unit. This unit delivers additional flexibility in managing a wider variety of raw materials in the production of sinking aquatic feed, leading to greater accuracy and control through real-time adjustments, higher quality and yield.

Metris Vibe

Metris Vibe, an integrated solution for condition monitoring, will be presented to the feed industry at the show. Metris Vibe is a wireless vibration and temperature sensor that can monitor the health status of mechanical equipment regardless of the manufacturer. Durable and wireless, the sensors work in all rough environments and deliver lower operational costs through reduced maintenance due to its predictive capabilities, increased uptime, higher production reliability and improved safety.

In addition, ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel experts will deliver complementary presentations on its three innovations across the three days, giving more technical detail and covering the many benefits they will offer. Michel Bauer Pereira, global manager Extrusion, will present an overview of the efficient use of energy in the extrusion process on September 7 at’s Towards Sustainable Aquafeed, followed by a presentation on the Andritz Microfeed System on September 8 at the AFTaN Awards Conference. 


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